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Gozilkree 03.12.2019
Собачий вальс сыграли ))
Daigrel 05.12.2019
whats she's name?
Karg 05.12.2019
Yeah hell no to all of that. First off a used gift is still a gift and a gift by definition is given freely not by obligation and carries with it nothing but good will which was promptly shat on by the GF's mother, you never look a gift horse in the mouth. Secondly, neither the TV or the computer just stopped working or wore out they were broken by the GF's siblings. Had they been given brand new they'd still be junk now. No one deserves a gift, given to them out the blue as an act of kindness.
JoJocage 08.12.2019
I love the slimy pussy
Shaktik 10.12.2019
My department hired someone I knew professionally, from an external client. The client and she parted ways less than amicably.